Meet me

My journey into the world of relationship and marriage was borne out of passion; pure, true, undiluted passion. My training as a pharmacist has been great and I love what I do, but this yearning for everything relationship and marriage would not just let me be. If I were to choose, I probably would not be here, on this lane. So It’ll be safe to say this path chose me. And I’ve loved it!

My name is Titilayo Izuagie. I’m married to my best friend, the love of my life. We’ve been together for fourteen years, married for ten and happy to be parents to two wonderful children.
I have always loved love (I still do). I thought love was it all; that once you loved each other, that was enough for a marriage to be successful. So imagine my ‘shock’ when I got married and we started bumping heads. I use to think I had so much love inside of me to give. (phew! who was I kidding), only to realize that first, my so called love was at the least selfish!

So the journey began. From ground zero, I had to learn and understand how to build friendship, interact better and develop a healthy relationship; by first looking inwards and fixing me before extending my full complete, whole self to another. You know, we really cannot sustain beautiful love relationships and marriages if we do not understand and discover ourselves.

Guess what? It worked! It was a rewarding experience!

Truelovexpressions is a story, my story of transition and rising above my struggles one step at a time; rising and falling and rising again.

It is a product of my journey from being single to being called wife, mother, struggling with depression, working and figuring out how to balance it all; what has worked for me and is still working and has produced amazing results for others too!

My writings and submissions are from personal experiences, research, experiences of others I’ve seen or listened to, and pure inspiration from God.

My drive for this vision is to help you gain clarity, find fulfilment in your relationship and through marriage irrespective of prevailing circumstances.

May we all experience sweetness in relationship and beauty in marriage!

Titilayo Izuagie.